Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good Night and Good Bye 2014!

Last sunset of 2014

I hear the youngsters in the neighborhood popping bottle rockets with the occasional high-dollar canon exploding.  A wonderful cold spell just right for December has the stars dancing in a night sky so clear you can almost see heaven this last evening of 2014.

It is the time to review the year passed and post resolutions for the future.  The past being the past and all and the future not here yet, well hmmmm… I’ve news for you:  2015’s resolution look alarmingly similar to 2014’s.  And 2013’s.

I resolve in 2015 to continue to live a “no excuses” life.  Feeling particularly empowered by having completed culinary school despite obstacles (distance, fuel prices that have only come down now that school is finished, aging mother, necessary self-employment, normal effects of aging, tanked economy, et cetera, ad nauseam…), it’s liberating to fess up to failure when it occurs, making no excuse, but resolutely determining to learn from the situation, grow from it, and move forward.

I resolve to be better to myself, by saying “no” often and turning down business, so that adequate rest, aka sleep, is a nightly given and not an exception.  There are no spring chickens here.  Rest is necessary.  OOooooo!  And I will eat the fruit/ vegetable that is much loved, even green-house tomatoes in the middle of winter, regardless of cost.  Not because they’re good but because they’re enjoyed – and it’s the little things that make up the big things when it comes to being better to yourself.

And lastly, but most importantly, I resolve to continually show gratitude and praise to an Almighty that loves me, despite myself, by putting a very best effort and time into everything.  Whether it’s noticing pure crystalline hoar frost on the weeds in the ditches on the coldest Deep South morning or a random act of kindness – this life is the only one available to foster and expand love, joy,and peace.  It’s up to me and me alone, on the face of this earth, to make the best of this life.

And that’s it.  Nothing unreal.  No ‘lose a gozillion pounds by 2016.’  No half-marathons by March.  No sort of butter-cessation 12 step program...  Nope. According to Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, I’m at the top of the triangle;  not a bad place for a middle-aged Deep South gal just starting a new job to be on January 1.

Happy 2016, my friends!  It’s Hoppin' John and cabbage out at Mama’s tomorrow.  Y’all join us.  I’ll let you have the first piece of cornbread!

Ever and always,



  1. Hello, Happy 2015, Hope you are enjoying your new job after completing Culinary school. Was great fun to read and commiserate along w/ you during your lessons. I came across a post-it note about Harvard Lane Totes,made from the feed sacks that I didn't ever place an order. That was a couple yrs ago. I don't see your Facebook page. Wondering if you changed the name or closed it down. Regards. Grace. P.S. Liked seeing all those pics of cakes, too.

  2. I was wondering the same thing, I miss her!

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