Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 4th in the Deep South: As American as Cubed Watermelon?

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't written a blog post in a very long time.  Not really having a bunch of anything newsworthy, the thought was dismissed;  until tonight, that is.  I was cutting a locally grown watermelon to share with coworkers and Mama tomorrow and the idea struck me that I hadn't seen a tutorial on cutting watermelon flesh into cubes in a very long time also.  Longer, even, that the last time a blog post was written here!

I can't remember where I'd seen the original tutorial on watermelon and, wanting to show y'all while still in the mood (menopause being what it is), I didn't google it either.  I do know there were multiple instructions including using a ruler to achieve perfect cubes.  This being the Deep South and all, watermelons are already perfect enough without having to be served in shapes with identical parameters (and this coming from a gal with borderline OCD when it comes to food presentation).

So.  Without getting a whole lot more wordy, here are the photos.  If you've any difficulty understanding what it is being done, leave a comment or email.  I'll be happy to explain in further detail!

**giggle** Now you never need melon ball again!

Happy Independence Day, y'all!  <3 Mary

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  1. The photos are so good, there is no need to 'wordify' (my favorite made-up word) the process. I get it. My bet is we all get it. Thank you, Mayree! Summer will be just that much more enjoyable because of you!