Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praline Bacon: Deliciousness to Celebrate Every Breath

It's not my recipe.  I'd stumbled upon it on...well...on stumbleupon one evening several years ago.  NPR's John Burnett says it came from New Orleans and that's probably true:  there's not a single city that does pralines any better.  Praline bacon is a quick side to brunch, a delicious appetizer on a reception table, a late night indulgence when indulgence calls for salty and sweet together.  Or when cholesterol, brown sugar and pecans are craved simultaneously.  Even if you don't eat pork, you may want to fix this for someone that does, if only for the opportunity to be close to it just once.

I'd baked this a day ahead.  Once cooked, the bacon will keep in the 
fridge for a week or so.  I've also prepared it well in advance and frozen it
between sheets of wax paper in the big ziploc bags, the only
adverse affect to it being a slow diminishing of quantity due 
to pilfering by the cook!

The recipe is simple.  Three ingredients:
brown sugar (two cups or so)
chopped pecans

There are (almost) always roasted chopped pecans in 
the freezer here.  It's handy to have them ready to go
in a cheesecake crust or to add a crunch to chicken salad
or for a pan of praline bacon.

Make the clean-up easy on yourself.  Line a pan with foil and place bacon strips in single thickness in it.

If you don't need the whole pack of bacon praline-ated but despise storing a 
partial pack of it (it seems to get forgotten about until too late 
in the fridge here) go ahead and cook it.

And don't forget to save the grease for the potatoes!

Bake in a preheated oven at 425 Fahrenheit for ten minutes.  In the mean time, put the brown sugar and pecans in one of these big ziplock bags for coating the bacon.  You can throw the mixture in the freezer afterward and have on hand for the next batch of praline bacon.
If you're a lover of bacon, there will be another batch.

Drain off the bacon grease and put all the bacon in the brown sugar/pecan mixture. 

Seal the bag and give it all a good shake, flopping as only bag fulls of bacon can, to make sure all the slices are coated.

Return to the  pan.  I like to sprinkle a few more pecans on top.  You can't ever have too many pecans.

Bake for ten minutes more (or less - remember, the oven here bakes a few degrees cooler) and voila!!!
Praline bacon!

For quality control's sake, go ahead and have a slice of it, 
then quickly put it away if cooking for another day. 
Y'all enjoy!

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  1. Oh my! I'm feeling the need to make some praline bacon brownies!