Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ann's Hot Buttered Rum

Guess who's favorite flavor of Lifesaver is buttered rum?  I'll give you three guesses;  first two don't count.  Me?  Did you guess me?  You're RIGHT!  Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise, becoming an adult (or at least grown) and discovering there really is such a thing as buttered rum.  X's mother made it.  I drank it, discovering pleasurable aspects to being an adult not afforded the child eating Lifesavers of the same flavor.

It's the middle of winter with the Deep South's coldest weather on its way.  I'm not sure when, only that the end of January and February are cold.  You wouldn't know it from all the shorts and yard work in evidence today.  Beaudeux and I had the house wide open while we worked outside and drank sweet tea on the porch. 
Beau doesn't actually like or drink tea.  He'd much rather
have a dark beer on a hot day but it's a dry county and we've not been
in touch with our helicopter pilot to arrange for his beer drop yet.
Labradoodles are notorious sots.

I've been trying to get the buttered rum mix made since before Christmas.  I had everything the week before and a couple of Extra Fellows with Youngest Fellow came in needing bananas foster at midnight.  It took me a while to remember more ice cream at the Pig.  I remembered  last week and, with the surge of false wellness that accompanies a shot of glucocorticosteroid,  accomplished lots of yard work, lots of inside work, managed to make hot buttered rum, and even remembered to take pictures.  

You'll need:
One pound of butter
One pound of light brown sugar 
One pound of confectioner's sugar
Two teaspoons cinnamon
Two teaspoons nutmeg
One quart vanilla ice cream, softened.
Look at the pretty OLD jars I've been riding around all week.
I <3 these!  They're the ones rescued from the old barn
the almost-kinsman had.

Those are Knox, Crown, French's mustard, Kerr, and Atlas
jars.  The Knox, Crown, and mustard jar will not be canned in.
There were seven dozen quart jars and two dozen pint jars.
I'm proud to have them.  Jars are costly!

Combine butter, sugars, and spices until creamy.
Go ahead.  Taste it.  I did.  And I'm not sorry.

Stir in softened ice cream.

If you don't feel like waiting around for the ice cream to soften up,
by all means, cut it out.  Patience is a virtue wasted on  
buttered rum.  Be careful with the knife.  

Use three tablespoons of mix with jigger of rum and boiling water to fill cup.
That's a three pound storage container full.  Is it enough for a winter?
I dunno...  Certainly enough to share (but you've got to bring your own rum).

Time to sit down and figure out what's wrong with the computer while running 
a second quality control on the buttered rum recipe.  The first QC test ran cold...

This is good without the rum, too!  It's good with scotch, kahlua, frangelica, bourbon, but not gin (trust me).  Be mindful imbibers;  this will sneak up on you quickly.  It is good for what ails ya' but too much of it will BE what ails ya...

Y'all enjoy!


  1. You certainly have the writing talent to make one's salivate. I will have to try this out.

  2. Left out mouth on my previous post, must stop depending on my fingers to type what I am thinking and start proof reading.