Friday, December 16, 2011

Knotty Yeast Rolls

Yeast rolls.  Knotty yeast rolls.  

I made these for a catered meal today.  I say I made them.  I think a better verb for what happened to them is: repurposed.  I repurposed something.  It was quick.  It was easy.  And the ladies and one gentleman consuming them had little clue the rolls hadn't taken hours to make.

Here's what you need:
Yep.  Canned breadsticks.
Cooking spray for the muffin tins
Herb butter for slathering.  Or not. It's entirely optional.

I like zaatar mixed in with margarine on Texas toast, on other breads, and on these rolls.  The heavy oregano flavor in it is a welcome change from the previous 48 years of garlic butter on every toasted bread that wasn't for breakfast.  

What's leftover from this batch will be saved for when The Fellows come in next week. What's that got to do with anything?  I make naan dough;  Oldest Fellow rolls it out and cooks it.  Zaatar butter with naan?  Ohhhh yeah!

Annnnyways.  Mix whatever herb flavors your fambly likes with your favorite form of slathering ingredient.  

These are Pillsbury Bread sticks.  I don't usually purchase the premium brand but they were on sale.  Don't forget to cut off and save the Boxtops for Education points!

 Unroll the dough

Take a piece of it and stretch it a little

Tie it in a knot

Put it in a lightly sprayed muffin pan, tucking under the ends.  
That's one...




Put in pre-heated 400 F. oven for ten minutes.
When the dinger dings, take them out of the oven and slather with flavorful stuff.

 Pricey pastry brushes from Williams Sonoma?
I don't think so.  Inexpensive multi-pack from
the dollar store works great.

Return to the oven for another ten minutes.
Loaded mashed potatoes.....

When they come out, slather them again!  No point in not claiming double indemnity when it comes to food, right?

Yum.  Thirty minutes, start to finish, for knotty yeast rolls.  Y'all can't beat 'em with a stick!!!
Don't you like the cute cute tablecloth
I found at Dirt Cheap?  Yep.
Four bucks...

Will these be making an appearance at our fambly's Christmas meal?  Yep.  I'll make at least two dozen of them, too, because half of them will be eaten coming right out of the oven with The Fellows home.  Make them for your fambly:  easy, quick, economical -- y'all are going to love them!


  1. This is incredible! What a great idea. I have a tube in the fridge right now. Gonna try it in the a.m. for sure. Oh, and what's Zaatar? ;D maryb

  2. MMMM....this bunch can make a meal out of any hot bread. Think I'll have to pick up some breadsticks at the old Piggly Wiggly! :0)