Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hummus a la Havard aka Humdinger Hummus aka Rich Fletcher's Roasted Pepper Hummus (Evolved Version)

Okay.  You know how I told you from the beginning to make a recipe your own?  Welllll... I didn't mean to take Rich Fletcher's hummus and turn it into a different sort of larrupin' (rhymes with terrapin but has nothing to do with turtles) Southern dip, but that's exactly what happened.  Unintentionally, of course.

 I wasn't going to tell 'bout the mistake made in the processing of the hummus because I felt silly about it (I should have known to start with less and add more if necessary) but that'd almost be untruthful.  While I am less than truthful at times (embellished facts, perhaps?), I'm certainly NOT untruthful when it comes to food and recipes.

Anyways.  I had seen Rich's post on roasted bell pepper and garlic hummus last week.  It looked like most any other recipe for roasted pepper/garlic hummus except, and that's a BIG except, he used Worcestershire sauce instead of lemon juice.  "What brilliance!" I thought then (and know now).  I don't know why I hadn't ever thought of it!  I've always liked Worcestershire sauce, it being one of the few constant flavor additives ever-present in Mama's kitchen.  Why!  I like it so much that Lee and Perrins are my Fellows' godfathers (embellished fact).  When I saw it in Rich's hummus recipe I knew there was a batch of the Middle Eastern staple coming to a CuisinArt in my kitchen soon.  This evening it hit the blades running...

I've been baking all afternoon, my mind busy with the stuff of busy-ness and trying not to think about the impending dental appointment at the dawn of crack eight in the morning  I wish y'all could come in the back door, sit down at the kitchen table, and enjoy the scent of baking done

and continuing.

 It smells like a child's birthday cake dream.

It's a good evening to have something to munch on.  Like hummus...

This is what you'll need:
See those Nut-Thins?  They're almond/rice crackers.  I was excited to see them on the shelf of the Pig until I ate one and realized they were nutified rice wafers.  Not something I'm likely to spend $3.09 on for four ounces again.  Roasted bell peppers, roasted garlic (I make my own in that jar on top of the peppers {I don't make it IN the jar, the jar is what it's put in when made}), chili oil, olive oil, garbanzo beans, Worcestershire sauce, and coarse sea salt are the ingredients.

Open the garbanzo beans and drain, reserving a half cup of the liquid.
A half cup?  Mayree!  Isn't that a bit much and why do you use the liquid anyways?  Yes, Smart Folks.  It was too much by a LOT and I use the drained liquid to start processing the hummus.  I like very smooth hummus.  If I use olive oil in the beginning of processing, it takes a LOT of oil (cause the garbanzos keep soaking it up) and the end texture is more like peanut butter than hummus.  If I use a bit of the liquid they're canned in, I get that smooth texture and THEN add the olive oil.

Everything is going into the CuisinArt, so dump it in as it's measured.

Garbanzo beans, 1/2 cup liquid, two tablespoons roasted garlic paste,

one very large roasted bell pepper (almost a cup's worth!),

one fourth cup tahini,

and two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.

Process to desired smoothness and add two tablespoons of olive oil

and one tablespoon of chili oil!

This should have been the last step BUT guess what?  It was too soupy!  One half cup of the liquid was too much in the beginning!  What to do, what to do???  It tastes awesome at this point, the hot chili oil giving the hummus an extraordinary heat that won't burn up your palate but keeps your tongue warm while you're eating it.  It's delicious!  But it's runny:  NOT the way I like it at all!  Hmmmmmmmm... I should've bought two cans of garbanzos but I didn't.  I did have a couple of cans of other beans:  black, navy, and butterbeans.  Black beans?  In hummus?  An exceptional idea but not this evening.  Navy beans?  Nope.  Those are emergency rations.  Butterbeans?  Welllllll... Let me think about the flavors and textures for a while...

I cleaned up the dishes thinking about it.

And then I opened, drained, and added a can of butterbeans to the hummus.  Incredible!!!  The hull added the same texture to the hummus that home-ground cornmeal does to cornbread!  There's that little bit of husk or shell or whatever-it's-called in it, giving the teeth something to do while the tongue enjoys smoothness!

 It made a bunch, too.  I've plenty to share.

OH!  Don't forget to put a sprinkle of coarse salt on it when serving.  I really really like using coarse salt to finish.  Biting into a grain of it is life affirming.  I love it!

Rich Fletcher's Unintentionally ReWorked Roasted Pepper and Garlic Hummus ingredients are:
1 can garbanzo beans, drained with 1/2 cup liquid reserved
1 can butterbeans, drained
1 very large roasted bell pepper (or as much as you like)
2 tablespoons roasted garlic (paste)
1/4 cup tahini
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon chili oil

Y'all saw it put together.  Remember, it's NOT rocket science.  I fixed the hummus and am tickled pink with the Southernized (don't tell me butterbeans aren't Southern - they call them baby limas every where else!) dish.  Most of the time, unless something is burned to a crisp or transformed into a non-Newtonian liquid or laid out on the floor and beyond salvaging, it can be fixed somehow.  Now go. And do likewise!

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  1. Mary: Love the "larrupin"! Although I haven't heard that word in a while, I knew immediately what it was and actually remembered how to pronounce it! Great recipe "reworkin". I love hummus AND butterbeans. Thanks to you, and to Rich! Yum. Maryb