Thursday, July 14, 2011

Koolaid Dill Pickles or Dilled Koolaid Pickles or maybe Pickled Kool Dills??

I have the Stumbleupon tool bar on my computer's browser and I must confess, when there's work to be done around the house, left-clicking it is my favorite thing to do.  The time can quickly erode from a state of industry to sloth once the Stumbleupon button has been engaged.  I've found lots of great website on it, though, not to mention a half dozen incredible recipes from Oreo cookie mini-cheesecakes to these pickles.

Supposedly, the Koolaid Dill Pickle originated in the Mississippi Delta??  I'm not sure and am tired of depending upon Wiki for answers that may or may not be absolutely substantiated.  I'd never heard of them but of course, I'm from (almost) Coastal Mississippi, caddy-corner and all the way across the state.  They're good!  More like a dilled sweet pickle with a flavor.  Here you go:

The eHow recipe called for one pound of sugar but, uhmmmmm, it's the Deep South so I had to double it.  This is off off brand (so off it can't even be called generic) of whole dill pickles.  I figured for the first time out and because I'm checking out each item in this off-brand one at a time that I'd use it.  I won't again.  The pickles looked as if the cucumbers might have been frozen before processing, the outter 1/8 of an inch of each one was clear.  They were mostly soggy and  inconsistent in size. You don't have to take my word for it.  There's a photo coming up so you can see the size issue for yourself.
You'll need a colander, something to hold the pickle juice temporarily, and a spoon for stirring, in addition.  This is a cheap colander purchased at one of the local dollar stores.  I don't have the need for an expensive colander.  Save your money for a Cuisinart or a KitchenAid or a half dozen good knives like I have.  This colander and the other three just like it are perfect for processing sweet pickles, dill pickles, or washing shelled field peas.  They're more than adequate for the tasks appointed and have performed admirably the five or six years I've had them.  I'd counsel you to spend money on the good stuff where it's necessary - and this isn't one of them.

AAAAaaaaargh!  I couldn't get the lid off and had to break out one of the most necessary odd tools in the kitchen:  the jar opener.  It came from one of those tool sales at the National Guard Armory.  I think it might have been $5.00 and there's one with a smaller rubber strap also.  Money well spent ten years ago.  These normal affects due to aging are making me lose my grip (on jars) so I use it quite often.
Tadadaaaaaa, came right off.  There's my little batch of 14 day sweet pickle sticks in the background - turned upside down so the sugar can be mixed back in to the syrup.  And there's the colander in the sink over the ice cream bucket.  :0)  Nothing like an ice cream bucket for putting under the colander to hold almost a gallon of pickle juice!
See all the odd sized dill pickles?  MMMmmmmmhmmmmm... I'm not naming names but you ALL know there's only one grocery store in Leakesville and it's THEIR off off brand.
Mix the two pounds sugar (or one pound if you absolutely want to follow the original recipe but who does that??), Koolaid and pickle juice.  Put pickles back in jug.  I split and quartered some of them.  Pour juice mixture in.

I used a small custard cup to push the pickles on down in the juice.  I don't know if it's necessary or not but I'd think you'd want all of the pickles well-submerged.  The directions say to let them sit for a week.  Well.  Favorite Child (and I'm not it today so it's got to be the original Favorite Child) and I just tried one out after THREE days and the flavor of the koolaid is already seeping into the pickle.  And they're already sweet, too!

So if you want something a little different for your next cook out or just to have something fun in the house for the young'uns to snack on, make these.  I think you'll enjoy them.

KoolAid Dill Pickles
1 gallon whole dill pickles (NOT an off off brand, please)
1 package unsweetened koolaid
2 pounds (4 cups) sugar

Pour juice off pickles, reserving.  Put pickles back in jar and add sugar and koolaid to reserved juice.  Pour juice back on the pickles and let sit for a week.

Y'all stay cool and hydrated!  The heat and humidity are really kicking it up a notch in the Deep South.  I've not complained quite yet 'cause that January and February are still fresh enough in my mind that I remember the misery of feet so cold I couldn't sleep.  Lots of folks will get out working in the pea patch and forget to take a jug of ice water along -- don't do that, please.  If you're working in the heat, use that good mind the Almighty gave you and take care of yourself.  Don't forget to drink plenty...

I'm off to WORK work for a few days.  Be sweet!


  1. Can I find these kool aid pickels in memphis. My kids had some from deep down south. We are from Missouri and I said I will try to find some in Memphis. Please help???

  2. I'm not sure where you'd find them. A Memphis flyer articles said "According to the story, the pickles can be found in convenience stores and filling stations alongside other delicacies such as pickled eggs and pigs feet." A gallon of them can be made for less than $10.00. It doesn't take long and they're ready in two days. Surprise them with a gallon!! I appreciate you stopping in -- come on back when you get the chance!